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  • Was I ever on that med?
  • When my last tetanus shot?
  • Am I due for a pap smear?
  • Why do I need this test when I take that med?


"My father-in-law wouldn't have died if he'd had Vessel. He would have seen that he wasn't getting screened for cancer."

Shondra F.
Los Angeles, CA

"I've never seen my information like this. I can see how my stress & sleep impact my health. My thyroid issues make so much more sense now."

Meaghan M.
Minneapolis, MN
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How does this work?

Simply connect your Vessel account to your online doctor accounts (patient portals). We'll send a robot to go grab your information and pull it into our easy-to-use platform.

Do I need online accounts for my doctor for this to work?

Yes. This is how we securely match you and your medical information. The good news is, most doctor's offices use "patient portals" these days. The bad new is, there are often several different portals with confusing dashboards and login procedures. (That's why we're here!)

Why has no one done this before?

Others have tried but they haven't quite succeeded. Either they've charged a lot of money, made you manually enter your data (who has the time?), or got stuck actually integrating with all of your healthcare providers.

Is this safe?

Yes. We've gone the extra mile to ensure Vessel exceeds healthcare safety and security standards. If you'd like to learn more about what that means, how we did it, and how to keep your data safe on the web, head over to our blog for more information.

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Save Time With Vessel

Wonder if you ever got tested for this? The last time you saw a specialist? If you should get screened for that?

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Get Healthier

See the whole picture of your health, ensure you're being screened, and keep an eye on trends so you can catch problems before they start.

Switch Doctors Easily

Take your chart with you - switch doctors based on your preference or when you move.

Take Control

Advocate for your care, answer doctor's questions, and see how the pieces fit together. With Vessel you own your data and your care.

What You See

When you connect your information to Vessel, you don't just see a list of your information. You get access to worldclass insights, visualizations, and background on the information you're seeing. It's like having a doctor in your pocket.


See your information like you've never seen it before. At a glance access to the medical data most important to you, based on your specific health.

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Lab Results

Understand what is being tested and why - regardless of the doctor or lab doing the testing. Lab results like you've never seen before.

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Medication List

See any/all medications you're on now - no matter the prescribing doctor or pharmacy. Answer questions by looking at your medication history.

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Immunizations & More

A full vaccination history, a list of every doctor appointment you've ever had, and easy ways to sort and search through your health history.

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