All of your medical information - together in one place

We know you have a lot going on. That's why, whether you're switching doctors, insurance plans, or hometowns - we automatically compile all of your medical information into one always-accessible platform so that you (and your doctors) can get the full picture, no stress.

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Managing your own health isn't easy.

It's impossible for be your "own advocate" when accessing information about your health is... well, impossible.

Multiple diagnoses, disparate test results, and conflicting second opinions -- we know first-hand
how hard it is to keep track of everything by yourself.

Founded by people with complex diseases, Vessel Health was created to empower you to take control, easily.

For Individuals

We know being a "good patient" is difficult when you're presented with confusing, piecemeal information. That's why, whether you have a chronic illness, an injury, or simply a cold - we make it easy to see, share, and most importantly - take action - based on all of your health data. Different doctors? Distant locations? It's all here.

For Parents

Raising a kid is tough enough. We're here to make it a little bit easier by reminding you of what's been done (and what still needs to be). Get immediately, comprehensive access to your child's entire health history while receiving notifications for when it's time to make standard appointments, schedule routine shots, and more.

For Elder Care

Caring for a sick loved one can be a trying experience. Seeking out past results, contacting previous providers, updating outdated records - often made more difficult by long distances and lack of access. We help you keep everything straight, so you can manage their care from wherever you are.

Automated, Secure, & Free

We bring modern technology to healthcare, updating your information as soon as it's available


Freedom to Switch Doctors

Don't get stuck seeing a doctor you don't like, just because they have your medical history.

Get better care

Share information with your doctor

Never lose a test result

Keep specialists and primary care in the loop

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Stay on Top of Your Health

See trends across your medications, test results, and diagnoses with our groundbreaking data display. Catch concerns early, before they turn into chronic problems.

Immunization records & reminders

Blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate trends

Easy access to health history in an emergency

Know what visits or tests you're "due for"

How it Works