How Vessel Health Works

Bringing modern technology & patient-centered design to healthcare.

Everything in One Place

We get your health information by connecting to each of your patient portals, gathering, and standardizing that information. This enables you to view prescriptions, appointments, and lab results across your old and new doctors, or between your primary care doctor and specialists.

Confidence in Your Care

Are you due for a shot? A check up? Have you had all of the screenings recommended for someone of your age/gender/health history? By seeing the full picture of your health - across your providers, we're able to give you unique insight into the steps you could take to be on top of your care.

But What About My...?

We haven't automated everything yet. You may not see detailed imaging results, physician notes or absolutely everything from your provider. Right now, we can only gather the information that each provider is willing to share with you over the web.

Upcoming Integrations

We're interested in making managing your care as easy as possible - so we've got a long list of additional integrations and connections that we're building. Let us know if you're really excited about any of them, and we may build it sooner, just for you.



Fitness Tracking (apple watch, fitbit, etc)

CDC Guidelines

Document & Photo Upload