How to Find a Fat Friendly Doctor

Looking for a doctor who will treat you without pushing you to lose weight?

Why it's important

It's well documented that groups of people who feel discriminated against are less likely to seek medical care. This can lead to health conditions worsening before they are treated, conditions becoming irreversible, or diagnoses being missed altogether. Seeing a doctor regularly is one of the best ways to ensure that you're being screened and tested appropriately.

Steps to Finding a Fat Friendly Doctor

It's important to remember that this is a process. You may not find a great doctor right off of the bat. However, there are a lot of great doctors out there who can help you manage your health without focusing on managing your weight.

Ask your friends and family

It's worth asking around to see if your friends or family members work with a doctor who they really like. Take into account if those family members have similar preferences to you, and if they have similar health conditions.

Search for non-MDs (PA, NP, DO)

Doctors who are not MDs - but still medically trained and licensed to treat you - have spent more time working on their bedside manner, and have more time to develop a rapport with patients. We suggest looking for primary care doctors who are DOs, NPs, or PAs.

Look on review sites

While doctor review sites are not comprehensive, it can be worth checking the reviews for signs that a doctor is disrespectful, particularly when it comes to weight.

Check your insurance

Finding a doctor who is affordable to see with your insurance means you're more likely to actually see them when you need to! Check your insurance company's website to see which doctors on your list are covered. Your insurance company should be able to give you an estimate of how much it costs to see each doctor.

Book an appointment, and bring a buddy

Book the appointment! Remember that you know what works for you. Doctors appointments are short and can be overwhelming - especially if you haven't been in a while. Consider bringing a friend or family member who is supportive of you. They can take notes, encourage you to speak up, and validate your experience (good or bad).

Feel empowered to switch doctors

You deserve to find a doctor who works for you. If you had an appointment and felt uncomfortable, ignored, or disrespected - switch doctors! Continuity of care can be important, so make sure to sign up for a patient portal, and to take that information with you. Consider connecting your account to Vessel Health so that you can see a full picture of your health, no matter which doctor you go to, or how long it takes you to find a great one!

Want to be completely sure that your care is being managed properly? Connect your information to Vessel Health. We compare your care to the recommendations for people like you - so you can know if you're due for a cholesterol test, and tetanus shot... or if you're all set!