Accessing InteliChart Patient Portal

How to find the intelichart patient portal

InteliChart Patient Portal

Looking for the intelichart patient portal?

Follow these quick steps to get to the intelichart patient portal.

You will only see your medical information through InteliChart if you have seen a doctor that uses InteliChart software. If you do have a doctor who uses that software, you will only see information that specific doctor (or healthcare organization) has recorded. You will not see medical information from other doctors you have seen who document your care on different pieces of software.

You will need to have already created an InteliChart patient portal account.

Navigate to the Login Page

InteliChart Patient Portal Login Page

Find your login credentials

Do you know your username and password? If you don't, search your email for "intelichart" to confirm that you have an account. Use their "Forgot Password?" functionality to reset your password if needed. Don't have any emails from InteliChart? Click "Let's Get Started" to begin setting up your account. You may need an activation code or other information from your doctor's office to create an account and see your information.

Click through and log in

You'll see your medical information once you log in.

Missing information?

Not seeing your full medical record? The InteliChart patient portal will only show you health information from doctors, nurse practitioners, or other healthcare providers who document your care using the InteliChart software. If your healthcare practitioners use other software, then you will not be able to see your health information.

If you see or have seen multiple doctors, then they may each chart on different software. You won't be able to see your medical chart across those different pieces of software, unless you use a tool like Vessel Health to link your patient portals together.