Mount Carmel Patient Portal Log In

Logging into Mount Carmel's Patient Portal

How to Log In to Mount Carmel Patient Portal

Find your username and password for Mount Carmel

Try searching your personal email for "mount carmel", "athenahealth", or "patient portal". Use this to confirm that you have an account. If you don't follow our steps to sign up for one.

Navigate to the Mount Carmel Patient Portal Log In Page

From search for Mount Carmel. Click on the name to go to the log in page for Mount Carmel.

Log in!

Enter your credentials to log in and see your medical information. Note that this information is only the medical records created by your Mount Carmel doctors. Information from other doctors outside of Mount Carmel is not included.

Have you seen doctors outside of Mount Carmel?

Did you start seeing Mount Carmel doctors recently? Are you considering seeking a second opinion from another doctor? Bring all of your medical information together, so you can get the most out of each visit.

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