Martha's Vineyard Hospital

Getting your medical records from Martha's Vineyard Hospital

Basic Information


1 Hospital Road, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

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Patient Portals

Patients can access their records through the Partners HealthCare Patient Gateway.

Log into the Mass Eye and Ear patient portal here.

Set up online access to Mass Eye and Ear patient portal here.

Medical Records Office

Like most hospitals, Martha's Vineyard Hospital has a special office to handle your medical record requests. That office is run through Partners HealthCare, and is not on site at Martha's Vineyard Hospital.


1 Hospital Road, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557






Medical Records Request Form

Medical records include but are not limited to a patient’s medical history, test results, office visit notes, discharge summary, and operative reports of treatments and medical services. The Medical Records Department can provide you with copies of your medical records related to care at the facility.

Requests for copies of medical records can be made online via Partners Patient Gateway, or send the form below via mail or fax to Martha's Vineyard Hospital.


Usually you may expect a response within about two weeks unless your request is medically urgent. For urgent requests please allow 48 hours preparation time.

You may revoke your consent for the release of records at any time, unless the facility had already sent the forms under your consent. You may also specify a time frame for the disclosure. After that time, your consent becomes automatically invalid.

There may be a fee to cover our costs for this service. This fee will be waived if the records are being sent directly to a new physician and/or another healthcare facility.

Do not e-mail this request.

To Request Imaging Results

To obtain copies of radiology images or films, you may need to submit a separate form. Please contact Martha's Vineyard Hospital or the Medical Records department to confirm.