How it Works

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Simply connect your Vessel account to your online doctor accounts (patient portals). We'll send a robot to go grab your information and pull it into our easy-to-use platform.
Yes, you do. The good news is, most doctor's offices use "patient portals" these days. The bad new is, there are often several different portals with confusing dashboards and login procedures. (That's why we're here - to make this less overwhelming!) That said, if you're not sure how to set them up, or need help figuring out your passwords, drop us a line. We'll schedule some time to help you out. (For free, because helping you helps us make the platform better.)
Nope. As of now, we offer this service for free. Understanding the what's difficult about managing your care helps us build a better productr and evolve faster. We want your acount to get up and running as much as you do.
Great question. Others have attempted it (we're definitely not the only ones who've seen that the system is flawed), but they haven't quite succeeded. Either they charge you a lot of money, make you manually enter the data (which few of us actually have time to do), or lack the comprehensive integration with all of your healthcare providers. We've studied these attempts, learned from their failings, and created something that addresses those flaws.


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Yes. We've gone the extra mile to ensure Vessel is as safe as we can possibly make it. If you'd like to learn more about what that means, how we did it, and how to keep your data safe on the web, head over to our blog for more information.
Definitely not. Logging in with a Google account is simply a security measure (it helps keep your data safer). It has nothing to do with what Google can or cannot see. What's more, we can't see your Google account information. It's secure on both ends.

Medical & Clinical

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Let us know, and we'll set it up! You can do this by adding a connection, and clicking on "Can't find your organization?" when connecting. We'll kick off our proprietary integration process, which usually takes about a month.
Right now, Vessel does not give your doctors access to your Vessel information. You can share information with them by exporting, printing, or showing them from your phone or tablet during an appointment. We are currently exploring different sharing mechanisms to develop a way that is easy for both you and your providers.
Vessel does not manage referrals or insurance approval between doctors. Once you see those doctors, Vessel lets you view your medical information (diagnoses, medications, test results) from all your doctors in one place.
We recommend using a single account per person. Because we trend data over time, if you use one account for multiple people, you won’t get the benefits of those views. If you are one person managing multiple people’s healthcare, we recommend creating (or getting access to) a google email account for each person. Then log into Vessel from that person’s account to see their data.
This feature is in development. We are working on a way to keep this information organized, even if it’s not structured - and exploring ways to automatically extract the useful information out of those documents and images so that data looks just like the rest of the data in your Vessel account.
If you share your login information with a family member, they can see your account. We are interested in developing alternative ways of sharing medical information with family members. If you’re excited about that idea please reach out to us.
No. If we ever shut down, we will make sure to export your Vessel data in a structured way and send it to you to continue to see and manage.
Vessel can only see medical information that a provider is willing and able to give a patient through an online account. It can be hard for Vessel to get access to imaging records (we usually only get the written interpretations of those images), doctor’s notes, and mental health information.