Know Your Risk

Risk of death from Coronavirus (COVID-19) varies

Your age, sex, and other health factors change your risk of complication or death from coronavirus. Be prepared, understand your symptoms, and improve your health outcomes. Take our 3 minute quiz to compare your health to the current understanding of a "high risk" patient.

Find Out if You're Low Risk

Did you know? Low risk patients are more likely to spread disease

Lower risk patients are experiencing more mild symptoms. This means they are transmitting the disease without realizing they're sick.

Find out if you're low risk so you can take precautions if you feel mild symptoms. You could save someone else's life.

Where We Get Our Information

We're working closely with public health experts and doctors to understand the emerging research and spot trends. The evidence is changing rapidly and we are keeping up with it. Some of our sources include:

  • World Health Organization
  • Centers for Disease Control (US)
  • Fred Hutch Cancer Center
  • Chinese CCDC
  • National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor
Fast, Easy, Informed

Take three minutes to make sure you're informed about your risks. Know how careful and prepared you need to be. We've condensed the research for you, so you can make sure you're not a "high risk patient" for coronavirus.