Patients Before Providers

We're all patients, so why is being one so difficult? At Vessel, we believe that patients deserve more. More access to information, more freedom to choose, more clarity and more respect. We make you the priority so that you can prioritize yourself.

Passion + Experience = Change

At Vessel, we've worked in ERs and ambulances, spent thousands of hours shadowing doctors, nurses, and therapists, and built the very software that runs your providers' practices. We understand the inner workings of a flawed industry, and are frustrated enough to know that something's gotta give. We're experienced advocates of change and steadfast allies of the people the medical industry is meant to protect and serve.

The Power of Transparency

We've witnessed how this industry, shrouded in secrecy and made unnecessarily complicated, often isolates the very people it's tasked with serving. We believe information, when presented correctly, is the key to more effective, efficient, and enjoyable healthcare. We're here to help with that.

Ease of Use Leads to Action

We're here to make your life easier so that you can make your life better. We make the information about your personal health simpler to find, understand, and act on. Our platform is incredibly easy to use, and we're integrated with over 200 healthcare organizations for quick, effortless information transfers. Beyond that, we make taking action easy. We provide charts and graphs that distill medical information down into recognizable trends and provide context and guidelines for patients like you.

Prioritization of Privacy and Security

It's a scary time for personal data, so we don't take your trust lightly. At Vessel, we respect your privacy by only integrating the data you choose to share. Your data is always encrypted, and we employ technical advisors from the financial services industry to ensure your personal information is secure. We're HIPAA compliant and closely follow all industry best practices.